The problem with Tesco

I’m thinking that sooner or later a Company gets too big for it’s boots. So big that the Company Executives get so  fat and greedy and have their heads so far up their arses, are so far up the top of the pile that they can’t see what’s going on at the very bottom, where it matters, to customers at least.  Tesco is in trouble and personally  I’m not surprised. Their big gigantinormous humungous profits are down, they’re being investigated because they’ve understated their profits by a few million and now they’re being further investigated because they’ve not been paying their suppliers when they should have, pissing them off in other words. Some people might think that delaying paying suppliers is good standard business practice. I don’t ! I think it’s bloody rude and not how a society or business should be run, but hey  what do I know. I’m only a shopper. I used to work for Tesco and as an employer I found them reasonably fair and considerate. There were too many chiefs and not enough indians ( that’s a figure of speech, it’s not meant to be racist or anything like that, actually it refers to Red Indians from America not those from the Indian continent ), quite a few of whom (especially the lasses)  gave you the impression they thought they were very important high flying young executives with their own pocket calculators  one step away from the very top. They weren’t ! most of them were glorified shelf stackers in suits !

Anyway I digress. I still shop at Tesco but only about 10 % of my stuff is bought from them. I got fed up of having the perception that I was being ripped off, and perception is everything to the buying public. Having to go every week with a pocket calculator just to work out what the hell I was paying for what and which of the ‘buy two get one free’  deals was actually bloody worth it was annoying the hell out of me. One week 160 teabags would be about four quid and the next it would be on offer at two quid until whatever bloody date and sometimes buying two boxes of a smaller quantity worked out cheaper than buying one box of more. Someone was taking the piss!  The nail in the coffin for me was when I bought a satellite receiver from them. I bought a new tv screen at the same time, paid for the satellite dish to be cabled up and installed by a qualified engineer bloke. After a couple of weeks the receiver went on the blink so I took it back and got it replaced with another one which also went faulty. Again I took it back and again got it exchanged no questions asked. When that went on the blink I pondered that perhaps it might be something else causing the problem so I phoned the Tesco technical helpdesk who didn’t give a shit but advised me to take it back and get a replacement. Now I could keep getting new updated receivers ad infinitum but frankly the inconvenience was pissing me off and as the reciever had a Hard Disk recording facility I was losing programmes I’d recorded and wanted saving. Did it occur to the technical helpdesk that perhaps the problem might lay elsewhere and it might be prudent to get someone to check the cabling ? No !
So now I do most of my weekly grocery shopping at somewhere else one of its competitors where I don’t feel like I’m being ripped off and I know exactly what I’m paying for what. I’m in and out in ten minutes as well because they don’t keep changing where all the stock is every bloody fortnight. I figure that me being not much different to the majority of the population ( apart from being a bit bonkers ) then If I feel this way, everyone else will and this most possibly accounts for Tesco current demise. It’s not difficult ! I thought about writing to the Chief Executive telling him the above but why should I, they pay consultants thousands of quid for this kind of information. I’ll be expecting a cheque through the post.