Man in red fleece boy with pretend rifle

man in red fleece and boy -2

Here’s another one I keep coming back to. I like the red fleece and how the trousers split his buttocks in two  and the red t-shirt just showing under the young man’s  junior commando bomber jacket. It could be that when I eventually get around to doing a book of my images where the subject is engaging with me the photographer i.e. returning the gaze, this might be my signature image. Did I feel threatened ? No but maybe if he’d had a real rifle in his hands ! It was actually taken at a nearby country park during an organised event for our soldiers, Forces Day.  The park is what used to be slag heaps and waste ground from the nearby coal mine. There’s a lot of these around these parts. All being returned to nature in one way or the other so that the locals can engage with nature while they’ve got little else to do. That bench the man is leaning on is almost certainly made from recycled plastic, ‘ten thousand plastic coffee cups were used in the making of this park bench’ and I’ll bet my ass there’s a plaque on the front dedicated to someone who loved this lake.