I like this image. I’ve liked it from the moment I took it and I’ve continued to like it ever since. I like the soft evening light and the colour of the sea. I like the pink pram and the Minnie Mouse rucksack hanging from the left handle and the red sandcastle bucket hanging from the right. I like the way the woman’s sweater pattern is repeated in the cobble stones on the slipway and again on the gentle waves of the sea. I like the the black tied back hair of the woman on the left repeated by her trousers and the trousers of the wet through man whose just emerged out the sea. I like all of those things and the simplicity of the composition. What I really like though is that there is a narrative to the image and I don’t quite know what it is ? That for me is the beauty of the image, an incomplete or invented narrative depending on the perception of the viewer. It proves the statement of Winogrand that if you put four edges around a set of facts you change those facts.It’s the way the man has his head bowed in front of these two women who are ignoring him.   I printed it off and stuck it on my office wall and I wrote on it ” I didn’t know what to expect but it certainly wasn’t this !” for that is what I intended to title the image. It was something my wife said and at the time it felt prophetic and apt. I hope one day it will be published or exhibited somewhere. That would be nice.