Rich Seam


Diary 13th April 2015

I seem to have hit a rich seam of work just lately. Nothing to do with photography and my ambitions in that direction but my qualification in the subject coupled with my teaching qualification has finally begun to pay some dividend. The work has got me out of the house so the wife’s happy and meeting and befriending some new folk has given me a new found wave of confidence. I can still be a grumpy fucker at times but now my grumpiness is seasoned and topped with a humour relish.  One of the things I’m doing is working in a ‘food to go’ outlet so I’ve just about mastered the whippy ice cream machine, the coffee maker ( cappucino, latte, americano, espresso etc etc  ) and I’m well on my way to be able to cook from frozen Cornish pasties and sausage rolls. Most importantly I’ve overcome my fear of a cash till and credit card thingy majig and I don’t even panic when confronted with a queue of hungry salivating overweight punters. Even the young Chinese tourists and their dodgy western fashion sense doesn’t phase me !

It’s nothing new that many photographers, even the well known good ones  operating in the genres in which I operate have to do other things like work in order to feed themselves and pay the bills.
I managed to get into town on Saturday. There’s a stall on the market that sometimes sells Calvin Klein boxer shorts at too good to be true prices and another stall that sells last months British Journal of Photography for just over a quid. The wife was at work so I took the dog. Walking with a dog lead in one hand and camera set at Aperture priority f8 in the other can be a bit tricky but that’s how I roll these days. I kinda like this image at the moment so it will be interesting to see how it weathers over time.