Fashion turn to the left


Diary: April 2nd 2015 – day after April Fools day. A tradition we have here in England whereby you can try and make a fool of anyone and everyone but not after 12 O’clock……ok ?

I’m still going through my London stuff. I’m not sure about this one. It’s not really pulling up any trees contextually or compositionally but I kinda like the look of the dude carrying the brown envelope ( I wonder that’s in that ? )  and the nonchalant pigeon. Good God ! I’ve just invented a name for a new clothing brand or music label, ‘Nonchalant Pigeon’. A quick scan on Google reveals there’s a poem by Christine Holden titled the Nonchalant Pigeon and quite a few images for nonchalant pigeons. I could design my own clothing for trendy fifty something’s like me (tongue in cheek ) who refuse to downward spiral into comfy slacks and elasticated waistbands in fifty shades of beige but who nevertheless are battling with the mid life crisis. People like me too old to wear gear adorned with skulls, daggers and knives and too young to be wearing crocheted cardigans and tweeds.  I’d need a website and some funky graphic designer and of course I’d do the photography. There’d be nonchalant pigeon t-shirts and my very own brand of jeans, jackets, scarves,  hats and comfy socks all with my especially designed nonchalant pigeon logo. All very nicely designed, supremely well made  and roomy for the fifty something in mind.

I’m not sure about this new beard fashion thing, especially with a bald head and shades. My mate Brian tells me it’s the ‘Hipster’ look. The hipsters have big beards, naff tattoos and tight trousers apparently. They also drink ‘craft’ beer which I’m also told is the new term for what in my younger days we knew as ‘keg’ beer. Keg beer is not real beer at all, that would be ‘real ale’ which is proper beer made how beer should be made and used to be made before some capitalist got the idea to kill beer off in the barrel so that it could be stored longer and distributed further and tastes of nothing and is full of chemicals and carbon dioxide and other crap. Imagine my disappointment then to discover that a photography based article in the wonderful The Quarterly magazine ( link provided ) on Brewdog  ( link not provided ) an independent microbrewery, my mate tells me it’s not real ale at all but ‘craft’ beer i.e. keg beer. I wait to be corrected but probably won’t be. The t-shirts and design look quite nice but there’s no way I’ll be drinking keg shit in their watering holes.

My mate Brian is a bit of a beer expert. He knows his beers. I’ve asked him if he wants to guest write on here so I hope he will.

Bye for now

It’s good but is it art ?