Narratology Amen !


Evidence of some one very tired ! An incomplete narratology of a photographic truth ?

March 27 2015 ..clocks go back on Sunday !

I’ve just come back from the Format 15 Photography Festival down the road in Derby. I’m not going to provide a link to the Format website, they’ve not provided a link to my website so sod ’em. I wore my new hat made of Harris Tweed and made by a company called Failsworth and took the dog. The wife says the hat suits me but I’m turning into my Dad, slowly but surely. He’s got no hair as well so I guess that’s that then. I’ve never quite got the hang of exhibitions where you’re supposed to walk along a wall looking intelligently at images and being quiet but I wanted to see and show support for the work of my good friend Maria Falconer. Her work ‘Rocket to the Park’ is showing with eleven others until 12 April at 36 – 38 Saint Peters Churchyard in the centre of Derby. The work shot entirely on her Iphone ( correct me if I’m wrong Maria ? ) is a series of images of her grandchildren. Maria making images while spending time looking after the kids. As simple as that. They reminded me a bit of one of my favourite photographer Gary Winogrand. Didn’t he shoot a lot of stuff at New York zoo while taking his kids on a regular trip there ? For us adults looking after small kids can be a bit of a bind. Frankly most of us would rather be doing something else if we were honest and I suspect that Maria feels the same but is torn between loving the little blighter’s like a good Grandmother should ( mine loved me ), fulfilling her family duty and her constant desire to make and produce images. Solution ? marry the two. What Maria has tried to do is capture her Grandchildren’s imagination. Imagination is one of my very favourite words and something we lose as we get older. Imagination ! ‘ Chocolate ‘ that’s another of my favourite words.

Format’s headline exhibition in the Quad gallery is called Beyond Evidence: An incomplete narratology of photographic truths. I thought for a moment that ‘narratology’ was a made up word but I’ve been educated and it means or rather refers to both the theory and study of narrative and narrative structure. Well excuse me but all photography could fall into that category so kindly take your head down from up your arse !
I couldn’t get past the reception at the Derby Museum because I wasn’t wearing a tie ! No that’s not true, it was because I was wearing the dog. A very nice man called Nigel kindly explained while making fussy with the little fella and suggested I write to the Museum to suggest dogs be allowed in future. You’d think these days with all the cuts and closures they’d be glad of getting their attendance figures as high as possible with a few dogs to boost the numbers. These places like to think they’re all arty, cultured and bohemian but when it comes to allowing dogs in the place they suddenly become all regular.

Nobody in Quad stopped me entering with the beast. In fact a nice lady on the desk asked me if he’d enjoyed it. The images were a bit high for him to be honest and just to kind of let her know I wasn’t a complete uncultured bum I told her he ( my Border Terrier ) was a big fan of  Elliot Erwitt and his dog series.  “The Indecisive Dog moment”  I quipped.

Outside Quad in the Square the ‘ Ladyboys of Bankgok’  are in  town. Now there is a photography project going begging if ever there was one.