London Data Transfer – London visit 1


This could possibly be one of the best photos I’ve ever taken but probably won’t be.

It still surprises me how many people on the train, on the London Underground were sat peering into their mobile phones. Receiving news, updates and texting from somewhere else. The world out there being edited and summarised, organised and sent out in little byte sized chunks  Failing to look up and engage with the immediate world around them, the right here the right now. All this data skimming past us, flying around us like a million restless flies looking for a safe place to land. The latest fashion tips, news and propaganda from the data-sphere . How many more teenagers have buggered off to Syria to join Islamic State ? I wondered how many of these people sat around me had ever seen two Great Crested Grebes in the mating dance, or a tree creeper, a Nuthatch, or looked up to see a Buzzard gliding on the breeze ?

I just about walked my legs off. I caught the 6.30 am train into London Victoria with my brother. He catches the train at this time every work day. I’m worried about him. He’s knackered and he needs a rest and judging by the faces sat around me he’s not the only one. I sat across from a woman with a white Staffordshire Bull Terrier on her lap. I made a fuss of it and thought about my own dog at home. Above me the adverts all accompanied by an appropriate image:

Hate child marriage. Wear the ring. Text ring now to get your ring, donate £5 and help us end child marriage

They survived conflict. Your £3 can save them from Cholera. Text etc etc to save them from Cholera.

Where your wild side has a wild side. What happens here stays here. Las Vegas !

I didn’t hang around Victoria Station long. They’re the places that terrorists attack and it was Friday 13th. Not that I’m superstitious, but it’s one of those dates you’d think some nasty bastard might choose out of any other. I headed off down Westminster taking photos, making images as I went. This is how I imagine Winogrand, Frank and Meyorowitz worked. Just walking and taking. Responding to want was in front of them.