Stop the world I want to get off !



27th February 2015

I think I’m over the worst. It felt like the onset of flu but seems to have abated with the help no doubt of paracetamol. Yesterday I felt like a Radiohead track, Paranoid Android anyone. I don’t think it’s full blown flu. I’d expect to feel a lot worse. It all feels like a big waste of my time. Speaking of which I spent 15 minutes on the phone to the tax office and they still didn’t answer. There’s no wonder rich people are evading paying their tax, got better things to do with their time than spend all bloody day trying to speak to someone.
I spent yesterday late afternoon crashed out on the sofa looking at a single star through the window as it moved across the sky. The light ( I thought to myself ) from that star which is now reaching earth could have been emitted so long ago from that star that the Romans were just landing on these shores. Light from some stars that is now reaching us has taken so long to to get here the actual star it has come from is already dead, kaput, nada, nothing, nowt !  The speed of light in a vacuum is 186,282 miles per second (299,792 kilometers per second), and in theory nothing can travel faster than light accept malicious gossip.  Astronomers are finding new stars all the time the light of which is only just reaching us. What has this got to do with photography ? Well it might explain fast shutter speeds a little ?  Anyway where was I ? Oh yeah. It then got me thinking about the Universe. The latest theory ( I think ) is that there are lots of other Universes out there which are all possibly interconnected. That the Universe is part of a Multi-verse and one assumes that the Multi-verse is part of other Multi-verses ad infinitum. So maybe black holes are doorways into other Universes but aren’t we gradually being sucked into a black hole ? Won’t there come a time when everything around us is floating around space like litter in an empty playground, space garbage. There’ll be all sorts: car radiators, bits of houses, mountains, fences, bicycles, cameras, sheds  pizza boxes, bits of burgers etc etc. The other thing that occurred to me while I was laid there staring into this dark void is that we’re prisoners on this world, we can’t get off. We’re held down by gravity, thankfully, and how ridiculous for people to end up in prison. Prisoners in a prison on a prison ! Man’s desire to fly off the earth and go somewhere else is maybe, deep down at the root of it, that we are all prisoners on here ?  

Managed to walk the dog yesterday despite the aching limbs and saw for the first time in my life a discarded hypodermic needle. I wish these drug addicts would tidy up after themselves. The wife picked it up, carefully wrapped it and  put it in the nearest bin.