Not that London !



Thursday February 26th 2015

My trip to London has been postponed. Last night after a gruelling afternoon’s walk with the wife and dog and an evening  Photography for Beginners teaching session, I felt ( as we say in these parts) ‘like nowt on God’s earth!’. A touch of man flu. If I was gonna be driving down to London, sleeping on the floor for two nights and Friday tramping the streets with camera I needed to be 100%.  I was looking forward to it but London can really sap your energy as well as your cash. So far I’ve had four paracetamol which seem to be working.

So, Madonna has fallen on stage at the Brits ? I couldn’t be any less interested if I tried.

Finally after three weeks my Photography for Beginners class looks set to continue to its full seven week term. The class needed ten registered for it to continue. This happened last night with a young lady joining us for week three. My course builds week by week so I did my best to bring her up to speed explaining what a camera is ( essentially a light sealed box with a hole and shutter at one end ) before moving swiftly on to the light meter and exposure measurement. We covered apertures and shutter speeds in week two.  My class are fired up. One or two of them have looked at my website. I don’t think they fully understand my approach, yet. I’m not sure I do to be honest !  Over the past few weeks a couple of people have commented many of my images are very flat and I guess they are. I think recently I’ve been influenced by the Nordic crime dramas like Wallender,  Arne Dahl and Salamander. They might even say something about my current mental state but I’m no psychologist and apart from a banging headache right now I feel fine.

The wife has just come up stairs and said she could smell garlic sausage. I told her I’d just had a bag of Pipers Chorizo crsips. “For God’s sake !” was her reply.

Photographer for today is Anthony Lycett. I’m adding a link in the links section

Stay young and beautiful.