Tart Cards

I’ve just started digitizing my large collection of Tart Cards collected during an eighteen month stint working in London. Most archives these days are getting digitized in order to save them for posterity. Last time I was in London I didn’t see as many of them about, stuck to the inside of  telephone boxes. If I remember rightly people were employed to go around sticking them in and people were similarly employed to take them out. As fast as they were being taken out they were being put in. It became quite a problem for the authorities. It was good way of getting blu tac should you be running out of the blue stuff at home or In your workplace as well.

Some folk are gonna think I’m a bit weird for owning this large collection. I’m not sure the wife will understand either but I can assure my readers that I never made a call or visited one of these places. I probably wouldn’t have been able to afford it anyway.  I kinda wish I had in some ways and attempted a little photo essay of the experience. These are an important archive representing an aspect of our cultural and social history and should be preserved.

This one is a particualrly fine example of the genre