Superstition can be a real pain the in the arse at times. It’s Friday the 13th ! The wife advised me to stop in bed for as long as I liked. Not because of the date but because it’s bloody dull and cold outside and it’s drizzling with rain. Not much to get up for on the face of it. My dilemma ? Should I take the dog on our normal route or should I, as I rather fancy it, go for a walk along the canal ? As it’s Friday the 13th am I asking for trouble by going a different walk or if I go on my normal walk am I still in for a bit of bad luck anyway. Ya see you can’t win with this superstition malarky. Damned if ya do, damned if ya don’t ! Bollocks ! I thought I’m going along the canal, I fancy a change. So we’ve been for a there and back along the canal. It was nice.

There weren’t many people about. We got to the cafe at Hollingwood and turned around to walk back the way we’d come. The man fishing had disappeared. I looked around for him thinking he’d maybe gone in the bushes for a crap. One of his fishing bags was gently blowing away so I got hold of it and tied it around his chair and carried on walking. It then occurred to me that maybe someone had chucked him in the canal. I did see two dodgy looking Herberts on bikes about five minutes earlier. That now there’d be my prints on the bag and I’d thus be a suspect in the subsequent murder trial when the bloke finally surfaced and they fished him out the canal.’Why had I photographed him ?’ they’d ask. ‘What kind of a nutcase was I ?’  ‘Do you frequently photograph complete strangers ya fruitcake?’ as I sat there in the quivering cell. I was banged to rights and no mistake.



I walked on and our fisherman appeared further along the canal. Nobody had thrown him in the drink. Panic over.

A friend of mine has just bought this print, posted it on Facebook and been reported and had it removed. I mean, really !!!



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  1. Same wether was here in Israel – rainy and lazy morning but i found the energy to went out to T-A and to finish the roll of film waited for me inside Horizon 202. Going to develop in a few minutes. No naked bodies inside so no peoblems with Facebook, hopely.


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