The Chaos Order Theory


According to the Daily Star ( so it must be true )  a second town here in the UK is being over run by giant super rats. Somebody must be feeding them !   Apparently we’re told, we’re only ever a few feet away from a rat. I once stood in the middle of an open field and I couldn’t see one, the lying bastards !  I woke up in the middle of the night thinking about this. The chaos order theory which states that we are only a short distance between chaos and order or order and chaos. That from order, things can quickly descend into chaos  The media love the chaos order theory. They simply wouldn’t exist without it. Alfred Hitchcock, he liked the chaos order theory too. That,  apparently is what his film ‘The Birds’ is all about. A society which descends into a muck stew  when it is attacked by some angry birds. The birds are a metaphor for chaos. I’m assuming James Herbert’s book ‘The Rats’ is a similar horrific tale of rats on the rampage; overturning cars, setting buildings on fire, swearing in pubs and other unruly behaviour but since I’ve never read it I’m merely speculating. I’d sooner read John Steinbeck.

I see our Prime Minister is fighting for his political life. It’s thought he’s been sidling up  to some tax evaders who’ve got that much money they can both evade tax and donate money to the Tory Party who as thanks will turn a blind eye to the tax evading. The Labour Party won’t come out of it smiling either, probably. The politicians and Establishment walking the tightrope of chaos and order. Ho hum. Just before drifting back off to sleep I realised that Star written backwards is  ‘Daily Rats !’ … so that was nice.

My photography class started last night. I’m teaching a beginners class. There were ten people who put their names down to attend but only seven turned up. The class needs at least ten before it can go ahead. Before it’s financially viable. I gave it my best shot, showed my students to the camera as a light tight box with a hole at one end and introduced them to Henri Cartier-Bresson, Diane Arbus, Robert Capa, Sebastio Salgado and Don McCullin. I like to start as I mean to go on.

I’m in a photo group on Facebook and yesterday some bloke posted a post saying ” Life without love is like a forest without trees”. Call me pedantic but a forest without trees wouldn’t be a forest, it would be something else like a ‘field’, since a forest is, by it’s very definition a large collection of trees.  So the statement doesn’t make sense. A forest without trees is not a forest in the first place. It’s something else. I told him so and he replied ‘exactly’. I don’t think he got what I  was trying to say.

My discarded glove series continues.