Mud lark

I’ve just seen a post on Facebook which rather appeals to me although I’d have said ‘piss’ ! It’s a much better word if you accentuate the ‘p’ and let the ‘iss’ trail off.

Sometimes I look at my images and think ‘your images are shit Andy’  so I stop looking and go do something else. A photographer contacted me a few months back and told me my images weren’t as good as I thought they were. I emailed him back and politely told him to fuck off ! Sometimes I think  Art is as much about failure as it as about success. Pushing boundaries, experimentation, stretching limits, testing thoughts, moving forward to destinations unknown. I find these days a lot of my images appear when I’m not looking for them. Out for a walk yesterday, I looked down in front of me and suddenly Jackson Pollock made sense. A mate noted on Facebook about one my images being about the ‘transient nature of things’. Indeed !  I think I might do some more of these. The song in my head at the moment is ‘Breaking Down the Walls of Heartache’.