Discarded, What is Art ?

The circle of foam I photographed the other day ( see previous post ) is, as predicted,  no longer there. It’s just a big blob of foam now. I didn’t photograph it because frankly it just wasn’t as interesting anymore. Further up the stream however was a discarded football taking a break from its life’s journey, either to be retrieved by someone or to continue downstream. I’ve a feeling I’ll be seeing it again. I threw some branches and rocks to see if I could send it on its way but only managed to hinder its progression further. The dog enjoyed it, he thought I was throwing for him and he barked excitedly before chewing the nearest branch. He does that when he gets excited. Starts to chew something._DSC5808

I’ve decided I might do a series of images from my walks with the dog. I’m gonna call it ‘walks with the dog’ or I might go for ‘out with Harry’. Images captured while pondering the meaning of everything while out with the little beast. There’s a wonderful essay  about dogs in Robert Adams ‘ Why People Photograph’  published by that robust photographic organisation Aperture. It starts off with a quote from a bloke called Henry Beetle Hough ‘ A man without a dog is like a bird without a song’. I’ll go for that.

I found myself pondering Art this morning. What is Art ? Who can call themselves an Artist and does it really matter anyway ? I’ll get back to you when, and if I formulate my thoughts on the subject.

There was some superb lighting just out the front door yesterday.



One thought on “Discarded, What is Art ?

  1. The Art subject is a dangerous one to go near – I’ve spent many a forum minute discussing/arguing that – ‘Is Photography Art?’
    I took a few shots of some river bank a few weeks bank, similar to yours but, unfortunately, without the additional interest of the ball, which takes a simple shot to something else, to my mind anyway.


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