The woods



6 thoughts on “The woods

  1. Great work! What is you message with this photo? To me it feels like a banker fled the streets and is searching peace of mind in the forest. He felt restricted by his jacked and left it.

    Have a happy Friday and great weekend!

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      • That’s true and I feel the same, but I also believe a nice piece of work should have a thought behind it and I am quite curious to your idea 🙂 Happy weekend!


      • I agree with you but ( and I hope you don’t think I’m being rude ?) I don’t feel that I have to explain my images. For me a good image should be like an onion ! It should have layers that can be unpeeled. A good image will almost always have critical context. I try and choose my images on that basis although I don’t always feel I can put into words what that context is. If that were the case I’d be a writer, not someone who responds to the world with a camera. Basically I go out with my camera and respond to what’s in front of me and try and make sense of the world.
        Have a good weekend yourself

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      • Not rude at all 🙂 I love to hear your point of view. I guess everybody has their own ideas about the meaning of a piece (of art). But I am always curious to the intentions of the artist. And most of the time their opinion or “message” adds to the appreciation of the work. I have a certain idea when i create something, it makes the photo more worthy to me. Have a greaf weekend! cheers, Tieme


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