I’ve been photographing these newspaper headlines for a while now. These particular ones, in this particular window every Tuesday when I go to this particular town. Sooner or later I knew that the ladies in the office behind the glass frontage would come out and ask me what I was doing, curiosity would get the better of them. And so it was on Tuesday. As I took the photo I could see through the glass darkly one of the ladies moving towards the door. Here we go I thought. The door opened and the lady smiled, ” can I ask you what you’re doing, we’ve seen you for a while now and we just wondered, we’re curious ? “.

” Yeah sure ” I said, ” can I come in out the cold ? ” and  I went in out the cold. ” I’m documenting society I suppose ” I told them, “Behind each of these headlines is a story and by photographing  them I’m trying to hint at that story and in so doing reflect on the society we’re living in:  England today, right here right now ! ”  I tried to explain but I got the feeling that they didn’t really understand and they looked at me strangely and quizzically. I find it difficult sometimes to explain my motives for taking pictures and I loathe describing myself as a photographer and artist.  ” I’m going to put them together as a sequence eventually ” I explained.

I took this one last week.



and this one this week, and you can see the lady who was perfectly pleasant moving to the door.



I thanked them for their interest and continued down the street and a few yards down on the wall I saw this,




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