Walton Woods – The pond

Regular readers of this blog are probably wondering what’s happened to the street photography ? You’ll probably not be surprised to hear that I simply need a break. Recharge the mental batteries. It will be back. I’m like a moth to the flame. It will be back.  For now I need some time of quiet contemplation. Some walks  through the woods of my childhood, somewhere only I know. Just me and the dog who never asks and never wonders why ?

When I was about twelve there was a pond here  with a fence of barbed wire around it. Actually there still is a pond.  I could never figure out why that was so, the fence ?  This pond with a fence around it,  in the middle of the wood at least a mile from any houses.  You can just see the outline of the pond, silted up and overgrown. The path goes around it and up into the trees. The plastic piping looks like it’s hovering in mid air. I can’t say I used to like this pond and I still don’t. It feels menacing. There’s a presence I can’t quite put my finger on, this pond in the middle of the woods ! Will the act of photographing it resolve my dilemma ? Maybe, maybe not ?




2 thoughts on “Walton Woods – The pond

  1. Go for it.
    I can’t think of a better way to charge the batteries than a quiet walk in the woods, especially if you’re on your own (in a human sense). I gives your mind to wander. You can pause a while and wait for wildlife to come to you, you can explore new routes and fill yourself with silly frustration when you have to retrace your path. I often get myself off the worn paths where fungi and wildflowers go undisturbed. I particularly like to find evidence of human activity of the past, it may be a simple earthwork or a few stone/bricks of a wall.
    (I keep my batteries on permanent trickle-charge!)


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