Why only one Wellington boot ?

Been out for a walk with the dog today. I took my camera too. The dog’s  becoming an integral part of my photography. I decided two things during my walk. First that I’d discipline myself to taking just one image of the thing in front of me. No twenty versions of the same thing differently composed. I’d make one image and that would be it, the decision would be final. No second chance. Secondly if I could not say anything meaningful about the thing in front of me, the image I was about to make, then I wouldn’t take the picture. The dog agreed.


My favourite Poet and stand up comedian John Cooper-Clarke once said at a gig I was at….  ” Why only one plimsoll on the garage roof ? ”  I have a vision of someone walking  home wearing only one Wellington boot, one dry foot, one dirty wet foot,  but the truth is probably much more simple and mundane.