I was desperately in need of some socks and I had to pay a cheque into the bank. Why is it that finding and buying socks, that most simple of garment is so difficult to achieve ?  It seems buying good quality, long lasting socks is getting harder. For a very long time I’ve thought of socks as the most amusing item of clothing we wear. Strange wrap around bits of material that we stick on the end of our legs to keep them warm and protected. I’d happily not wear them if I lived somewhere with a much warmer climate but right now I need some warm and comfortable socks for the oncoming winter. Walking the streets of this mean town and you need good shoes and good socks to fit inside them. I have big feet and you know what they say about men with big feet ? ……….he needs big socks !!

Outside my sock shop of choice some Philippine’s were collecting for the victims of the  disaster that’s hit their homeland. Ten paces from them some ex soldiers were collecting for other ex soldiers who struggle to get back into civilian life after the army.  The town is gearing up for Christmas