Officious Personnel

If there’s one thing ( well actually there’s quite a few) that really gets my goat is officious security personnel. Especially when they’re considerably younger than me and wear their stupidity in their ears by way of a large hole which seems to be the fashion these days.  Last week while enjoying a short break with the dog and wife in England’s city of Spires Oxford, the dog and I  were rudely ejected from one of the cities oldest colleges. Fortunately the free  St Edmund Hall Visitors Guide provided me with an email address in which to vent my frustration in a low cost way.  Here is  copy of my email for your enjoyment. Take no shit from these people I urge  you

Dear Sir / Madam

In the absence of signage to the contrary I assumed it was ok for my wife and well-behaved little dog on a lead (a Border Terrier) to visit and walk around the Quad of St Edmund Hall and Churchyard.

I was therefore sufficiently annoyed (enough to write this email) when in the Quad I was approached by a balding, bespectacled man with an unsightly hole in his ear and plastic thing surrounding it, rudely wagging his finger at me from a distance of about 15 metres, and in full view of other members of the public telling me dogs were not allowed in the area. From the same distance he then turned his back on me and walked back into the reception area.

While I can accept the ruling (and my dog really doesn’t care!) I cannot accept being treated so discourteously and on another day I might have vociferously told him so. Perhaps you would like to point out to your staff

and this gentleman in particular that while my individual tax paying contribution to the Oxford University is minute, collectively as a population of which I am a member, it’s probably extremely large and therefore a little consideration, good manners and courtesy would not be out of place. I suggest you do it soon rather than wait for Annual Appraisal time before he offends any more summer visitors.

Finally I note with raised eyebrow that I am sending this to the Alumni Relations & Development Office so I hope you will consider this when reviewing how you relate to the general public

Best wishes