Just Being

We’re back off our holidays. We’ve had a great time. Celebrating ‘just being’ because believe you me I don’t take holidays for granted and in these troubled times I don’t take being alive for granted either. Sometimes we need to just stop and live in the moment. If that’s one thing my dog teaches me, it’s to live in the moment. I like nothing more than to walk the beach, camera in hand, watching, listening, looking. Listening to the waves. Feeling the wind on my face. Looking at the play of light, the colours of the clouds, the brilliant white of the waves. Just being!

Stay tuned for some holiday inspired photo work.


Ordinary people doing ordinary things

I’m currently reading Truth Needs No Ally – Inside Photojournalism by Howard Chapnick. I found it in a second hand book store for four English pounds which was a bargain. It’s £24.92 at it cheapest on Amazon. It’s a good book and I recommend it to all you photographers out there. It contains ( as you would hope ) some very salient points about photojournalism and photography in general. I wish I’d have read it years ago. It would have consolidated some of my long held thoughts on the subject and introduced me to some more. It contains a list of photographers and photo books I shall be researching over the next few weeks.

Here’s a quote from the book which I feel is particularly pertinent to my own approach to photography and the subjects I pursue. I’ve touched on it before but I feel it’s worth repeating and thus giving food for thought for you the readers;

” A greater challenge for any photographer who uses the commonplace as his arena. This is where the “indecisive moments” are found, in the daily life experiences of people who go through the repetitive routines that make up much of our existence.” 

and further

“we are pretty ordinary, doing ordinary things, on the dull edge of tedium”