A time for Quiche

A quick scan of my feed pages for my delight  here on my laptop and there’s ‘The moment a lioness snatches a photographers camera’, ‘The 50 best cars you can buy for under £50,000′, ’16 of the most eligible royal from around the world’, ‘vegetarian meal you can pop in the freezer for ultimate convenience’ and so it goes on and on and on ! Here in the UK News  ‘Rees-Mogg denounces Tory show trial of Boris Johnson’. Our Foreign Secretary Boris  has been at it again with his comments about burka wearing women looking like letterboxes or bank robbers. The man’s a buffoon. With his privileged back ground and education, frankly we ought to expect much more by way of intelligent debate from him especially as he’s supposed to represent this country overseas. On the contrary the man reduces himself to the kind of comments we might hear in a school playground from ten year olds. Personally I find this burka/ niqab wearing thing makes them look ridiculous and to be honest I find it a bit intimidating but that’s my problem not there’s. If they want to wear pink rabbit suits in the name of religion or anything else then I don’t care as long as they don’t start telling me what I can and can’t do in public, like taking photographs for instance. As someone pointed out I’ve had more damage done to me by men wearing suits than women looking like black crows. Take the suit wearing man in the Trump mask in the image below. He’s been filmed storming a left wing book shop ( sure it’s him, same suit and tie ) with his mates shouting abuse, ripping books off the shelves and accusing the assistants of being paedophiles ! Maybe Boris should think about men in Trump masks ? But no ! Boris’ own personal agenda is about keeping Boris in the news and that’s all it’s about. Meanwhile everyone around him is left to pick up the  pieces of his pithy playground nonsense.  Someone said not long ago that working for him was like running behind a horse constantly shovelling it’s shit up. The problem for us in this country is that this is what politics has been reduced to. Idiot politicians taking centre stage and we’ve let em !


Deleting on demand

No sooner than I had taken this image than a woman came running up to me waving her id badge at me and demanding that I delete the image. I refused and explained to her that as we were in a public place she had no right to demand such an action. She threatened to phone the police on her mobile which she similarly waved about in the air. Not even the police can demand I delete images from my camera. That would be destroying potential evidence you see ? The young lady in the image was under her care as was a group of people with learning difficulties stood a few yards away. I didn’t know when I took the image that this young lady had learning difficulties or was with the nearby group.  I showed the carer the image to prove that the young lady’s identity was not compromised and as such there was not, and should not be a problem. Had I deleted the image and she had subsequently gone back to her office and contacted the police where would that have left me ? Explaining what I did with an image I no longer had ? What would have she done if I’d said It was a film camera and so I couldn’t just delete it ?

I can’t help it but I get irritated when people start trying to tell me what I can and can’t do when it comes to photography especially out on the street.

Human traces

You can walk past a certain spot a hundred times or more and then one day something catches your eye and you see an image to capture right in front of you. Sometimes in a morning I don’t know what mood I’m in until I open my mouth to speak. Sometimes I don’t know what mood I’m in until I lift my camera to my eye to make an image. The Mrs dropped me and the dog off at our local woods this morning and we walked back home. The light was clean after the early summer rain and the air was cool and breezy. I’m always looking for signs of human activity; marks, tracks and traces. It’s good to get away from the street and just walk alone in the woods. Time to think and contemplate.

Pushing sweaty

It was hot on the mean streets of Chesterfield today. The temperature was pushing sweaty. It was Chesterfield’s annual Medieval Market get the crowds in festival. There’s been a market in Chesterfield since King John said we could have one in 1204 and it’s been selling all kinds of crap ever since. That’s a long time and a lot of crap. I love it quite honestly. Today there was a big dragon and a few folk dressed up in medieval garb and a bloke selling cut price meat from a big lorry and two blokes selling helium balloons for the kids. Apparently suicide by helium inhalation is quite common.

Radio Clash London Calling

A great t-shirt of a great band and a great album. This street portrait is destined to be one of my favourite.

Delighted this week to receive a signed copy of England Uncensored by photographer, writer, tv presenter and filmmaker Peter Dench. It’s a wonderful no holds barred ( I think that’s a wrestling reference ?) trip around the English and their national identity. Check it out by following the link below.

Now I feel the need to offer a suitable gift to Peter and I’m working on it.

England Uncensored – Peter Dench 

Meanwhile here’s another from the Trump demo in Sheffield last Friday which went down rather well on Instagram.

You ! Pack it in !

I had a lovely time last Friday evening at the Anti Trump demonstration in Sheffield and briefly met some lovely people. There was a turn out of about, it was estimated 2,000 people and a very small counter demonstration of about 7. A counter demonstration always adds a bit of frisson to these things. I remember one time years ago a mate and I came across a pro Shah of Iran demonstration in London accompanied by a sizeable and vociferous counter demonstration. That was interesting !

The bloke in the Trump mask wouldn’t stay still long enough for me to get a decent image which was a shame. In the interests of impartiality I felt it was important to document this aspect. It’s important to document these things.

Let’s be honest though no amount of demonstrating would make much difference to Donald. He thrives on it. He’s immune to it. I’m beginning to find him quite funny in a surreal way rather than a Stan and Ollie way. He swaggers into town in his boring blue suit, squinting his eyes into the daylight and pouting his lips, rattles a few diplomatic cages and swaggers out again leaving someone to shovel up his shit like someone walking behind a horse with a bucket and spade. Nobody knows what he’s going to say from one moment to the next and frankly neither does he. It’s all a lot bizarre and somewhat parallel universe. It’s like some character has stepped out of a weird Hollywood b-movie and is now running America. As I write this he’s upset Senior Republicans and the FBI. Surely not ? Very often we get what we deserve.

We have a similar character here in England. His name’s Boris Johnson who rumour has it is vying to be the next Prime Minister. Very often we get what we deserve but the English don’t like extremists of any creed be it political or religious. Many intellectuals believe and have documented that the English are “conservative with a small c “. It’s probably true, unfortunately.